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Embroidery on socks

Embroidery on socks


As you may know by now, I have a Brother PR620 machine with 4 standard hoops.

For the socks  I used the 2.4″x1.8″hoop and iron-on mesh as stabilizer.

An image is worth more than 1 000 words, I upload the short video I made about hooping.

The ironing phase is not shown on the video but it’s straight-forward. This is what I did:

I turned the sock inside-out then with a dry hot iron I ironed on the mesh, a bit larger than the embroidery area. I then turned the sock right side out. What you see in the video is done with the sock right side out.

After the embroidery was done I ironed it again, through a white cloth to avoid doing any damage.

*advice: don’t try to stretch the material, the mesh keeps it in proper shape. When pushing down the inner part of the hoop, the material stretches just enough to get it drum-tight (remember, you have the iron-on mesh underneath).

*tip: in order to get the embroidery in a straight line and into the desired position, draw a line both horizontally and vertically on the sock where the middle of the design should be where the 2 lines will cross.

*an other tip: to draw lines easy to be removed, don’t use chalk. Use bar-soap instead, the small narrow remains  of bar soap you would otherwise dump.


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