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Embroidery worksheet, thread chart.

Today I’m going to write about the importance of using the embroidery worksheet.

  • It is vital for a successful embroidery to have the worksheet, preferably printed. It gives you the opportunity to:


  • -Show the design to your customer before you embroider it
  • -Check the thread chart and eventually modify the colors if required
  • -Find out the stitch count, number of thread change and thread consumption


It should look something like this:

Some file format thumbnails show very different colors to the original design file, especially in those cases the worksheet with color chart is vital.

You can adjust the colors in your machine embroidery software and save it with your own color settings.

You also can use other colors than the ones in the file without editing them first. Just thread the machine with the colors of your choice.

Tip: When downloading a file, save it and rename it after saving, choose a name you will remember when you’ll be searching for it later.                                                                                                                                                          Every digitizer has their own method of naming the file,  which method might not suit your way of thinking. Make it easier for you to remember it, name it your way!

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