Thread nesting – Embroidery designs

Thread nesting

I talk now about one of the possible causes of nesting you possibly never thought of.

Embroidery threads- unlike the sewing threads- by their nature are silky and shiny therefore they are more prone to slipping to the base of the spool.

When that happens, the upper tension becomes uneven as the thread is loose all the way to the  tension-disks. Now instead of a straight thread from the stand down, you have a vibrating string. All the tensioning task is then up to the tension discs.

Sometimes, more often than not, the thread simply jumps out the tension disc’s groove and it’s just running freely on the wider part of the discs gap, with no retention whatsoever. You might not even realize it.

What’s the solution then?  The solution is simple: use a thread net. Cover your thread with the thread net provided by your machine manufacturer or buy  a few nets at your local haberdashery shop.

Many people are mistaken thinking that the thread net has to be used for storing the thread. It can of course be used for storing the thread as a way of preventing from unraveling, but think this way: if you don’t want the thread to unravel while stored, why would you let it unravel while embroidering?

Hope I helped with my advice, if I did please leave a comment, I would appreciate it!

Thanks for reading and until my next post: Happy stitching!

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