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Tip for marking embroidery area


 Hi and welcome to my blog.

Today I share with you how I mark the embroidery area on the garment.

I fold the piece to be embroidered on in two, vertically first, making a crease, then horizontally, making a crease. This way I get the two guide lines and the middle point.

I then unfold the garment and mark the two creases with soap instead of chalk. I use the small remaining pieces from the bar soaps we have in the household, the good thing about this method is that the markings can be entirely removed with a damp cloth after embroidering. Using chalk would leave oily residue on the fabric, impossible to remove.

The two lines have to be matched with the horizontal and vertical markings on the hoop, this way you can’t go wrong with the placement.

Thanks for reading and until my next post: happy stitching!

The Arrazone Team


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